The Taylor Family


... from Troon since the 1860's, previously Ayr and beyond

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This is not a scholarly history of the Taylor family, although it is based on some sound facts.

The name Taylor and its variant spellings, is widespread and today, even in Troon, there are many Taylor࡮d descendants who may or may not be connected to this family. In the 1881 census for example there were 11 households with Taylor࣯nsisting of 51 individuals residing in Troon. What I have found particularly with this large family is that many of these Taylor's do not realise they are connected. I know of another Taylor family in Troon which is not connected, that has been researched.

My interest in this particular Taylor's line from Troon stems from my search for John Kirby, my great grand father. This was the reason for my initial interest in Family History. The search started over 15 years ago and has led down many paths and discoveries but the ultimate question "What happened to" is still unanswered. Early in 2000, I discovered that he had married Elizabeth Taylor in Troon in 1883 and had 9 Children. So there are now two tasks:-

1) Find where John Kirby disappeared to?

2) Find out about Elizabeth Taylor, her parents, brothers and sisters and their descendants.

This Taylor family, ancestors and descendants, have been in Ayrshire and South West Scotland for over 250 years. They would appear to be an Ayr family at the start of the 19th Century. As it has grown and spread, Troon has become another major centre of the family৲owth. No doubt the Ayr part flourished too. I know it will become evident that quite a number of individuals have done rather well in a business and professional capacity. In the 1920ࡍ Homer Forbes Taylor went to America. There may be other interests in America too.

And there in searching I discovered the name Homer, a family name for around 200 years. My interest was aroused and although not wanting to research all the Taylor Family, I was and am  interested where all these Homers fitted in.

Around 1861-1865, Henry Taylor from Ayr came to Troon to work at the shipyard as a shipyard labourer.  This was the start of a new Taylor dynasty in Troon. He lived in Portland Street and he was married to Christina Walker also from Ayr. They already had two children Christina and Homer, perhaps more when they arrived. The family grew when Robert, Elizabeth and Henry were born in 1865, 1867,1871.

One of their children was called Homer Taylor a fairly unusual first name. This name has existed in every generation since the late 1700യ this day. Although in the USA there are a few Homer Taylor젳ome possibly connected, in the UK today, there are only two known and one definitely related. I would doubt if this name will continue on this side of the pond.

 頔roon Family衳 currently two interests in the Taylorspan>

 The first is Elizabeth Taylor 1867-1901 and the second some living descendants of Jane Ellen (McVea) Mahood. (Living persons are not discussed here).

 As more about this family are uncovered missing details will be entered.


In this photo the Bethany Hall Sunday School was held on the grass where the old bandstand used to be. My guess is that it was taken around 1974. Homer Taylor was the Superintendent of the Sunday School and was known affectionately to all as Uncle Homer. Sadly, he died quite a few years ago.

Photo by Alaister Fulton from Jeannie's Jotter 2001






These are all the 'Taylor' graves I have been able to find in Troon cemetery. There are more, however not all have headstones.




loving memory of

Homer Taylor

Master Builder

who died 12th April 1983

aged 76 years

beloved husband of

Agnes Hutton


other lairs no stone


Troon cemetery

Section F Lair 96

purchased by Henry Taylor in 1894


Christina Taylor d 67 b. 30/10/1894

Henry Taylor d 72 b. 4/1/1899

Elizabeth Taylor d 35 b. 16/12/1901

James Ridley Taylor d 77 b. 12/12/1927


Troon cemetery

Section F Lair 53

purchased by Hugh Leslie purchased 20/12/1888


Hughgina Leslie d 3 months b. 28/12/1888

Jessie Forbes Brown Taylor d 35 b. 2/7/1892

Alexander Glen Taylor d 8 months b. 3/3/1895

Christina Walker Kirby d 3 years 9/12 b. 13/3/1895

John Kirby d 7 months b. 7/3/1896

James Parker Kirby d   b. 20/9/1901

Thomas Allison Taylor d 4 months b. 29/4/1903

? Taylor d 7 years b. 10/9/1909

Agnes Whyte d 9 weeks b. 16/12/1914

Homer Taylor d 55 b. 30/10/1915

William Taylor d 35 b. 13/7/1922

James Taylor d 8 months b. 28/9/1922



Troon cemetery

Section C Lair 35

purchased by James Taylor purchased 15/8/1882


Henry Cowan Taylor d 15 months b. 15/8/1882

Henry Taylor Kirby d 6 b. 8/1892

still born child

Agnes Smith d 6 months 9/12 b. 21/2/1906

Charles James Carpenter d 4 b. 22/5/1919

Margaret Carpenter d 34  d   b. 16/9/1920

? Smith  d 4 months b. 7/2/1922

James Ridley Taylor d 34 months b. 15/6/1923

Agnes W Taylor d 80 b. 16/6/1936