John Kirby

JOHN KIRBY  was born on the 13th of August 1895 at 2 Barrassie Street in Troon at 2:30 am. (Ref 590/2 87)> He was the sixth of nine known children born to John Kirby and Elizabeth Taylor of Troon. John was named after his father and was the second boy. At the time of his birth he was the only boy, his elder brother Henry Taylor Kirby died aged 7 on the 1st of August 1892. He had two or perhaps three sisters living, Lucy Elizabeth Kirby, perhaps aged 8, and Elizabeth Taylor Kirby aged 4 and Christina Kirby aged 2.

Very little is known about John. His Father shown as John Kirby Seaman on Death Certificate reported 5/3/1896

However John died on the 4 March 1896 in Troon at 7:00 pm. (1896 Ref 590/2 12). His father shown as John Kirby, a Seaman, on the death certificate which was reported on the 5th of March 1896. The cause of death was Whooping Cough for 1 Month.

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