Elizabeth Taylor


Elizabeth Taylor was born on the 8 February 1867  and died at a young age of 35 on 11 December 1901. 

One of at least 7 children to Henry Taylor and Christina Walker, little is known of her early life except she was born in Troon. Her parents had come to live in Troon from Ayr. Henry her father was a Shipyard labourer.

After leaving school Elizabeth became a Domestic Servant.

On 23 April 1885, Elizabeth married a John Kirby from 'England' in Troon Free Church of Scotland. Two of the witnesses were Thomas Taylor and  Euphemia Ligate a neighbour in Portland Street about the same age and probably a close friend. In fact John Kirby arrived in Troon in somewhat mysterious circumstances having deserted the Royal Navy in Montevideo in 1881.

They set about raising a family of nine and although quite successful, survival was not particularly good and none of the boys survived.

Henry Taylor Kirby, born 27 December 1885, in Crosbie Street Troon

Lucy Elizabeth Kirby, born 4 May 1887, in Portland Street, Troon

Christina Walker Kirby, born  5 May 1889, in Portland Street, Troon

Elizabeth Taylor Kirby, born Abt. 1891

On 1 August 1892 Henry died at 2 Barassie Street of Acute Infective Periostitis.

Further tragedy struck when Christina Walker died on the  9 March 1893, in a Hospital in Glasgow. The Cause of Death was  Epileptic Convulsions following a fracture at the base of the skull.

Christina Kirby, born 9 May 1893, in 2 Barassie Street, Troon

John Kirby, born 13 August 1895, in Troon

Unfortunately John did not survive long and died on 4 March 1896 in Troon of Whooping Cough.

Mary Kirby, born 22 April 1897, in Barassie Street, Troon

Jessie Wilson Kirby, born 1 June 1899, in 1 Barassie Street, Troon

James Parker Kirby, born 22 July 1901, in 2 Barassie Street, Troon

James  did not survive long and died on  28 September 1901 at 2 Barassie Street, Troon. The cause of death being Acute Lobal Pneumonia

John Kirby, Elizabeth's husband, being a seaman (and sometimes fisherman), was absent from home quite frequently.

At the relatively young age of 35 Elizabeth died of Heart Disease, Mistral Steurosis and Regurgitation on 11 December 1901 at Barassie street Troon.

Elizabeth was buried in Troon Cemetery on 16 December 1901 in plot purchased by her father and already occupied by her two parents.

And what happened then to her husband John Kirby after her death?

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