The Early Kirby families of Moreton in Marsh


The North Cotswolds



It may never be known whether this Kirby family was from Moreton in Marsh or whether they came from elsewhere. However from the time Parish records began in Moreton this Kirby family appear to have lived there. It has to be noted that until standardisation of spellings in the 19th century variations included, Kirby, Kearby, Kerby, Kirbi, Kirbye.


Even in the 17th century people were fairly mobile and so it is to be expected that family members moved out of Moreton to many other places, both locally and nationally but probably to the New World.


The History of Moreton is as full as any other town or Village and is worth reading to put family life and development into context.


Kirby is not a particularly common name around the Northern Cotswolds. Moreton was at the corner of 4 county’s, now three, North East Gloucestershire, South East Worcestershire, South Warwickshire and North West Oxfordshire. This boundary was maked by the four shire stone, a local landmark. Although every county shows signs of the Kirby name, the incidence strengthens more towards the North East, with Coventry and moving towards Leicester, the name increasing in frequency. The Kirby name does not appear in many villages around Moreton although pockets existed at Whatcote and Chipping Norton, nearby. And of course many of the Kirby women would have married men from either Moreton, or nearby villages such as Bourton on the Hill, or Evenlode and further a field to Chipping Norton and Stratford on Avon. Other notable pockets of Kirby’s are in Banbury, Islip and Oxford. In Gloucestershire a good number lived around Bristol and also particularly Minchinhampton.  And until records began who knows where else too? Another major factor influencing the distribution would be industrialisation particularly the effect of Birmingham and the move from the land in the 19th century.


The whole area of this Cotswold edge was an important stronghold during the Civil War. Moreton, lying on the Fosseway and the junction of the roads South to Bath, North to Stratford on Avon, South East to Oxford and West to Cheltenham.


And it was following this period of instability and the introduction of the Parish records that the first Kirby 'appeared' on the scene.


This Story currently starts with Simonis Kirby who would have been born around 1630. He married a Dorothy Manning. The spelling of the name Kirby had not at this stage been formalised. They may have had four children, William Kirby, Mary Kirbye born about 1655 and christened on the 4th December 1655, Dorothea Kirbi, born about 1664 and christened on the 17th May 1664 and Josephus Kirby born in Moreton about 1667.


WILLIAM KIRBY married ALICE. They had three known Children. 


MARY KIRBY was born about 1688 and Christened on 10th June 1688, in Moreton in Marsh. She appears to have had a child, Mary Kerby, in 1715 in Moreton in Marsh but no father is shown. She was christened on the 30th of January 1714/15 at  Moreton in Marsh


WILLIAM KERBY, was born about 1690, in Moreton in Marsh. He married Ann about. 1717. They had three children.

JOSEPH KIRBY was born about 1727. He married Ann Handy on the 9th February 1754 at Moreton in Marsh. She was born about 1732 and buried on 9th April 1817 at Moreton in Marsh.

JOHN KIRBY was born about 1733


DOROTHY KIRBY was born about 1700 in Moreton in Marsh and christened on the 7th February 1701. She married a John Fecknam on the 6th November 1726. They had at least one child.

        ELIZABETH FECKNAM was born about 1727   ....more info available

MARY KIRBYE was born about 1655

DOROTHEA KIRBI was born about 1664

JOSEPHUS KIRBY was born about 1667. He had at least two children although his wife is currently unknown.

JOSEPH KERBY was born about 1696 and christened on the 18th of May 1696 at Moreton in the Marsh. He married Elizabeth who is currently believed to be Elizabeth Merry. They are believed to have married at Chipping Campden on the 13th of January 1724 and had at least 5 Children.

Although it is impossible to be definite there are four Elizabeth Merry birth possibilities from Gloucestershire

               JOSEPH  KERBY

WILLIAM KEARBY It is not clear when William was born or christened. He married ALICE. Alice died. 8 March 1716 in  Moreton in Marrsh. This is recorded in the Gravestone entry in Volume 3 of Ralph Bigland's Historical Monumental and genealogical Collections relative to the County Of Gloucester

ALICE KERBY was born about 1725. She married SAMUEL FRANKLIN on the 11th of May 1750 at Moreton in Marsh. They had at least two children.

RICHARD FRANKLIN was born about1752.Christened: 15 October 1752, Moreton in Marsh

JOHN FRANKLIN was born about 1753 and 1754 and christened on the 24th of  February 1754 at Moreton in Marsh

ELIZABETH KIRBY  was born about 1730 in Moreton in Marsh and christened on the 26th of September 1730 at Moreton in Marsh. She married RICHARD WATTS on the 12th of November 1754 at  Moreton in Marsh. They had at least 6 children

SARAH KIRBY was born about 1753.

MARY WATTS was born about 1755 and christened on the 31st of August 1755 at Bourton on the Hill.

ALICE WATTS was born about 1756 and christened on the 17th of  October 1756 at  Bourton on the Hill.

MARY WATTS was born about 1764 and christened on the 22nd of April 1764 at Bourton on the Hill

ELIZABETH WATTS was born about 1766. She married ANTHONY SADLER. They had at least seven children

ANTHONY SADLER was born about 1791 at Winchcomb and christened on the 17th of  April 1791 at Winchcomb.

ELIZABETH SADLER was born about 1792 at Charlton Abbotts and christened on the 22nd of  July 1792 at Charlton Abbotts.

BETTY SADLER was born about 1794 at  Winchcomb and christened on the 9th of  November 1794 at Winchcomb.

MARY SADLER was born about 1797 at Winchcomb and christened on the 27th of  August 1797 at Winchcomb.

SUSANNA SADLER was born about 1800 at Winchcomb and christened on the 12th of April 1800 at Winchcomb.

JAMES SADLER was born about 1803 at Winchcomb and christened on the  15th of January 1803 at Winchcomb.

SARAH SADLER was born about 1804 at Winchcomb and christened on the  14th of  October 1804 at Winchcomb.

LETITIA WATTS was born about 1769, Bourton on the Hill and christened on the 29th of January 1769 at Bourton on the Hill.

JOSEPH WATTS was born about 1772 and christened on the 23rd of February 1772 at Bourton on the Hill.

MARY KERBY was born about 1740 at Moreton in Marsh and christened on the 4th of July 1740 at Moreton in Marsh



WILLIAM KIRBY was born about 1689 and christened on the 27th of February 1690 at Moreton in the Marsh. He married an unknown woman and had at least 8 Children.

JOHANNES was born about 1717 at Moreton in Marsh.

JOSEPHUS was born about 1719 at Moreton in Marsh.

GULIELMUS was born about 1720 at Moreton in Marsh.

JOHN was born about 1723 at Moreton in Marsh.

WILLIAM was born about 1723 at Moreton in Marsh and christened on 3 March 1724 at Moreton in Marsh

THOMAS was born about 1726 at Moreton in Marsh.

JOSEPH was born about 1728 at Moreton in Marsh.

ANN was born about 1736 at Moreton in Marsh. and christened on the 12th of December 1736 at  Moreton in Marsh

None of the children have any evidence of progressing in Moreton, some of the name seem to duplicate in LAtin but different dates.


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