"And sometimes you close your eyes.............

And see the place where you used to live,

When you were young"   


Is a Local and Family History Site and More .......

This Site may be of interest to anyone with Troon, Monkton and Prestwick or other Ayrshire Connections. It is under constant development and evolution.

Equally important are the connections with County Down, Belfast and the North of Ireland.

There is a strong connection to Gloucestershire and the North Cotswolds, but nowhere is beyond the realms of Lady Isle.

A common theme is the Sea which brings together many of these places for many reasons. It also opens up the area to the whole world, particularly, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Many occupations are undertaken by Lady Isle's people, but particularly Farming, Weaving, Fishing/Shipping and Railways. All the ordinary people in Lady Isle are extraordinary, ranging from Paupers to Preachers.

Lady Isle is completely open minded about controversial subjects such as Politics and Religion. Lady Isle does not express any views even if they may be implied. However, it does have a problem with "Nationality" and "Country". This area it tries to avoid, unless it is an intrinsic part of the person or the research subject. The spirit of Lady Isle is that many, if not all, of it's people have striven to be free from man made boundaries. But it accepts that family, tradition, locality where folk are "from", whatever that means, is important.

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